Interview for winners!
■2015 1st Prize Raffaele De Giacometti(Italia)
Ave Maria on the Enigmatic Scale

1.How did you know this competition? and what motivated you to apply?
I was looking for a choral composition competition as I wanted to share and promote a piece I had recently composed and I found ICCC. The chance to get a high-level performance is probably the most important prize for a composer and for that reason I decided to apply.

2.How did you feel when you won the competition?
I was very happy and also surprised!

3.How did you feel when your piece was firstly premierd by the Metropolitan chorus of Tokyo?
The Metropolitan chorus of Tokyo is a high-level chorus whose singers are very disciplined. Its conductor, Mr. Ko Matsushita, was very sensitive to details of my piece. I was enjoying not only the great performance itself, but also the feeling I got from singers. Despite having the scores, they were all singing by heart, and I was delighted to see such a positive involvement.
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