Interview for winners!
■2017 3rd Prize Francisco Carbonell (America)
Corde Natus

1.How did you know this competition? and what motivated you to apply?
I knew about this competition since its first edition, when it was first launched in 2015. The high reputation of the jury panel, the quality of the Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo and the possibility of having your work recorded and published by PANA Musica make this competition so much attractive to any composer.

2.How did you feel when you won the competition?
The evening of the premiere, my wife and I were watching the award ceremony and concert live on YouTube, and my family was watching it in Spain, too. It was amazing listening to the Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo singing ‘Corde Natus’ for the first time, a truly unforgettable experience. Then, when the concert was over, we kept talking and celebrating the prize with my family through Skype until late night.

3.How did you feel when your piece was firstly premierd by the Metropolitan chorus of Tokyo?
I have the privilege to know Ko Matsushita personally. He is and admirable man as well as one of the best conductors I have ever met. When I knew my piece was going to be performed and recorded by the Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo, I felt so grateful and excited! They did a magnificent job in singing the piece.

4.Please send message for following applicants.
Do you enjoy writing Choral music? This is an amazing composition competition! Very well organized, with a prestigious jury and with such an amazing choir and conductor ready to perform your piece. Please, submit your work and you will never regret!
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