Interview for winners!
■2018 3rd Prize Simone Campanini (Italia)
O salutaris Hostia

1.How did you know this competition? and what motivated you to apply?
Some years ago, I heard that an Italian gained the prize in this competition.I won another prize with him before and even I've already known him.So I thought like "Why not?"

2.How did you feel when you won the competition?
I found it very exciting. Last year I sent a piece of mine, but there was no result. So this year's (result) is so amazing to get the result and I'm really happy. I'm emotionally involved.

3.Please send message for following applicants.
I felt very easy to apply this competition, and all this Karuizawa festival was really wonderful. The fact that the piece will be performed is everything, because I participated many competitions, but most of my piece have never performed even I won.
Music have to be performed,
There are many competitions which have several preferences, but I appreciate to be involved in this competition.
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