Interview for winners!
■2022 1st Prize David Walters (USA)
The Dreams of the Dreamer

Q1.How did you feel when you heard the announcement of the result and the performance on YouTube?
By the time Maestro Matsushita announced 2nd place, I thought there's no way The Dreams of the Dreamer won 1st place, but then it did. I was shocked to think that The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo would premiere it under his direction and that it would be included as an official set piece for the 2023 festival. I am profoundly grateful to the maestro and everyone at the ICCCJ for this wonderful honor!

Q2.Why did you apply for this competition? (What motivated you to apply?)
I applied because of my admiration for Ko Matsushita and his music. This was an important opportunity to get my music in front of an accomplished choir and a phenomenal conductor. Additionally, the publishing component was a strong incentive.

Q3.Please send your message to applicants from next year.
To all the applicants next year, the ICCCJ competition is a fantastic way to garner a new audience for your music. The team at the ICCCJ and Edition ICOT couldn't be nicer. Trust them to take care of your music!
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