Interview for winners!
■2022 3rd Prize Ayu Uchigaki (Japan)
Nonsense Alphabet

Q1.How did you feel when you heard the announcement of the result and the performance on YouTube?
I was really surprised when I heard my name called. When the piece was actually performed, I was very impressed by the performance, which was even more beautiful than I had imagined. I felt from the bottom of my heart that I am glad I wrote this piece, and I will never forget the scene at the premier performance. I am also happy to know that I am the first female composer to win this competition.

Q2.Why did you apply for this competition? (What motivated you to apply?)
I was looking for competitions to apply, and happened to find the ICCC. I had always been interested in choral music, and I learned that if I won, my piece would be premiered. That’s when I decided not to miss this opportunity and applied to this competition.

Q3.Please send your message to applicants from next year.
I recommend you to apply this competition; it is a great opportunity to have my own choral piece performed, and what's more, conductor Ko Matsushita and The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo will give us a wonderful performance.
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