Interview for winners!
■2018 2nd Prize Kentaro Shuto (Japan)
Dies irae

1.How did you know this competition? and what motivated you to apply?
I was searching for competitions which have opportunities for performing my piece of work (since I think it is not possible to perform my piece by myself), then I found ICCC Japan.

2.How did you feel when you won the competition?
I’m so happy when I heard it. Actually I thought that the work which won the 1st prize would be selected as a set piece of Tokyo International Choir Competition, so it was my second surprize.

3.Please send message for following applicants.
If you’re still thinking about joining this competition, I suggest you apply to it! Past years I was not good at deciding one thing, and haven’t participated any competition by age 28, but If you’re thinking about it now, then try it!
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