Interview for winners!
■2019 2nd Prize Gabriele Taschetti(Italy)
O sacrum convivium

1.How did you know this competition? and what motivated you to apply?
I learned about this competition by searching in google “choral composition competition” in 2014, when the announcement for the first edition was made known. The first thing that attracted me was that it represented a chance to spread my music so far from where I live. However, at the time I was not in possession of a composition compliant with the guidelines. A few years later I saw that a very important prize had been added: to become the set piece of the TICC competition. This was a strong motivation for me.

2.How did you feel when you won the competition?
To discover that I would become one of the finalists was a big surprise. To be honest, the real thrill came during the award ceremony. First of all, I was impressed with the high level of the other award-winning compositions. The biggest surprise, however, was finding out that my piece had been chosen as the set piece for the TICC 2020.

3.How did you feel when your piece was firstly premierd by the Metropolitan chorus of Tokyo?
The execution was wonderful. The choir and Mr. Matsushita Ko Matsushita(singing and conducting by heart) created a unique tension that took my breath away from the first gesture of his hand until the applause began. The choir gave the impression of singing all the compositions with great serenity and skill, as if everything were really easy. I think that if I had realized in advance what the technical skills of that choir were, I would have sent a more demanding composition.

4.Please send message for following applicants.
I encourage all young composers to believe in their own works. The format (guidelines, awards), the quality (artistic as well as organizational) and the diffusion achieved by this competition represent an ideal stop for any young composer who loves choral music.
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