Interview for winners!
■2021 1st Prize Juyoung Choi (South Korea)
Under the Sea

・How did you feel when you heard the announcement of the result and the performance on Youtube?
Honestly I did not expect myself to get any prize. When I heard that I won the first prize, I was thrilled with happiness, but also a bit stunned with the news. After that I happily enjoyed the performance. After all, moment of their work being premiered shall be one of the most magical moments to any composers.

・Why did you apply for this competition?(What motivated you to apply?)
I found out this composition competition via google search. After listening to some of the previously awarded works, I had a good feeling that I could freely use various composing techniques while submitting my choral work.

・Please send your message to applicants from next year.
If you want your choral work to be heard in a good quality, or simply if you want to submit your choral work to competition, I highly recommend this competition. It is good chance to let your work be heard to people around the world. Plus, the choir is skillful at making such a delicate and clean sound, while dealing with complex harmonies and rhythms.
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