Interview for winners!
■2021 3rd Prize Carlos Cordero (Venezuela)
Ave Mundi Domina

・How did you feel when you heard the announcement of the result and the performance on Youtube?
I was honored to be part of the winners once more. This competition means a lot to me because it is one of the few that supports short choral pieces, offers excellent care for every participant, and incredible performance for the winners. On top of all of that, they offer great prizes, but the warmth that the competition offers to its community is tangible and I love that. I hope to be able to be there to celebrate one day in person and get to know the choir and the organization.

・Why did you apply for this competition?(What motivated you to apply?)
I think my first response still holds here. The dedication and care that this competition shows for the composers and their music are amazing and I wanted to be part of that once more. I feel that ICCCJ truly celebrates new choral music and values connection.

・Please send your message to applicants from next year.
To all the composers out there who are thinking about applying to competitions, ICCCJ is a must. The rules are crystal clear, the people treat you with much love and respect, and the organization is amazing, always on time and communicating at all steps. You will feel taken care of and appreciated. I encourage you to apply!
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